Adrian M. Smith has had a varied background commencing in banking with the Standard Group and rising through the ranks to branch manager, remaining in commerce, but moving into the private sector in the textile industry with staff control of 3000 employees covering paymaster, tax, uif, workman’s compensation, etc. Following a two year working holiday in the UK and continent joined Securicor UK with the position International Commercial Control Manager reporting to the MD, covering 60 branches.

Progressed with GKN UK before returning to South Africa as Natal Regional Manager and National Hire Manager for the welding division.

Responsibilities included marketing of leading brands of Lincoln, Esab, Rockweld, AGA, Westing house, to the ship building industry, Spoornet, National Ports Authority, Iscor, etc. With many welding processors.

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Including manual / MIG / TIG / Flux Cord / Sub Arc / Machines, gas equipment.Attended Management Development Courses at Cambridge University

Moving into Real Estates, Developments and Construction through Pam Golding, Izindl Ezinhle and Frasier Smith Construction, developed constructed and sold residential developments in the fast track low cost housing sector. Thereafter-digital security control systems through cameras hardware and software to the Security, Financial and Banking sectors. Co-founder of CodeTech as a supplier of advanced coatings.

Willy J Reekmans

As a graduate he started his professional career at the Belgian Ford Motor Cy in the Metallurgical Research Laboratory to grow further in the Press Process Engineering Department and from they’re to head the Tool and Die Department. He has had several inventions under his belt as well as patents and is the author of many Technical Publications. As a polyglot he is fluent in Netherlands, English, German, French, Spanish and Afrikaans.

After being head-hunted by Lastek in RSA, he started there as Technical Manager for this multi-national Group, specialising in the field of welding. Leaving the Group he worked as a Free-lance Consulting Engineer in the field of weld repair procedure and metallurgy throughout the Southern African Region. Initially he started CodeTech cc in 1990 in KZN, RSA specialising in corrosion protection and metallurgy. He is a great asset to CodeTech (now Pty Ltd.) and the rest of RSA’s Engineering Industry.