Steel can rust and protecting it is extremely important. Zinc is commonly applied to steel to prevent its corrosion from rust. This is done by hot dip galvanizing and /or zinc spraying. This process requires that you send the part out to a specialty shop. Further, hot dip galvanizing creates a zinc-iron alloy, which is brittle.

How would you like a liquid that could be sprayed, brushed or dipped like a paint and have it protect like a galvanized zinc coating?. Unigalv is such a formula. Applied wet, this remarkable coating system dries to over 95% pure zinc and is scratch and corrosion resistant. Imagine, you can spray, brush or dip Unigalv on your steel structures, welds, fencing, towers, cables and it will protect for years against: Rain, Humidity, Salt air, Abrasion, and Impact.